Submissions from 2016

460 Seasonal Variation in Functional Abdominal Pain Is Associated With Changes in Anxiety, Katie Pollard, Christina Campbell, Megan M. Squires, Olafur S. Palsson, and Miranda A. van Tilburg

Implementing psychological therapies for functional GI disorders in children and adults, Bonney Reed-Knight, R. Claar, J. V. Schurman, and Miranda A. van Tilburg

Adolescents with irritable bowel syndrome report increased eating-associated symptoms, changes in dietary composition, and altered eating behaviors: a pilot comparison study to healthy adolescents, Bonney Reed-Knight, M. Squires, D. K. Chitakara, and Miranda A. van Tilburg

Recommendations for pharmacological clinical trials in children with irritable bowel syndrome: the Rome foundation pediatric subcommittee on clinical trials, M. Saps, Miranda A. van Tilburg, J. Lavigne, A. Miranda, M. A. Benninga, J. A. Taminiau, and Carlo di Lorenzo


Adoption of a national antimicrobial guide (SWAB-ID) in the Netherlands, Emelie C. Schuts, Caroline M. van den Bosch, Inge C. Gyssens, Bart-Jan Kullberg, Maurine A. Leverstein- van Hall, Stephanie Natsch, Fre Sebens, Martha B. Adams, Richard H. Drew, and Jan M. Prins

Utilizing the Clinical Decision Unit to provide efficient care of non-DKA hyperglycemia at DRH, T. Setji, B. Hong, L. Flynn, A. Maire, M. Mabrey, A. A. Cooper, K. L. Morrissey, and T. Alan


Adult cardiac surgery blood/blood product utilization in the post aprotinin era: an 855 patient, community hospital, retrospective experience, Ajeet Dutt Sharma, Antoine Al-Achi, Dana Behrend, and John Forrest Seccombe

Dapagliflozin associated euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis in a hospitalized patient, S. C. Shearin, C. L. Wente, and R. D. Bowers

Dapagliflozin associated euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis: a case report, S. Shearin, C. L. Wente, and R. Bowers

367 Visceral Hypersensitivity is Associated With GI Symptom Severity in Functional GI Disorders: Consistent Findings From Five Different Patient Cohorts, Magnus Simren, Hans Törnblom, Olafur S. Palsson, Miranda A. van Tilburg, Lukas van Oudenhove, Jan F. Tack, and William E. Whitehead

Tu1806 Additive Effect of Pathophysiological Factors on Patient Reported Outcomes in IBS, Magnus Simren, Hans Törnblom, Olafur S. Palsson, Miranda A. van Tilburg, Lukas van Oudenhove, William E. Whitehead, and Jan F. Tack

Marijuana Use Task Force (MUTF): Considerations for Schools Regarding Marijuana Use by Students, Faculty, and Preceptors, M. Skrabal, G. Downs, R. Carter, D. Eagerton, D. Franson, P. Hritcko, P. Jungnickel, J. Kissack, J. Ruble, and C. Torrado

244 Additive Effect of Pathophysiological Mechanisms in Determining Symptom Severity in Functional Dyspepsia, Jan F. Tack, Lukas van Oudenhove, Hanne Vanheel, Florencia Carbone, Hans Törnblom, Olafur S. Palsson, Miranda A. van Tilburg, William E. Whitehead, and Magnus Simren

Mo1771 Fatigue in Pediatric Inflammatory Bowel Disease: Associations With Disease Activity and Psychological Factors, Miranda A. van Tilburg, Robyn Claar, Shelby Langer, Joan Romano, William E. Whitehead, Abdullah Bisher, Melissa DuPen, Tasha Murphy, and Rona L. Levy

Development and Validation of a Rome III Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders Questionnaire for Infants and Toddlers, Miranda A. van Tilburg, Audra Rouster, David Silver, Gerard Pellegrini, John Gao, and Paul E. Hyman

Tu1810 Distinct Subtypes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Are Defined by Psychological Symptoms, Visceral Pain Sensitivity, Stool Consistency, and Motility, Miranda A. van Tilburg, Magnus Simren, Olafur S. Palsson, Hans Törnblom, and William E. Whitehead

Mo1770 Chronological Age When Health Care Transition Skills Are Mastered in Adolescents/Young Adults With Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Miranda A. van Tilburg, Yi Zhong, Natalie Stollon, Donna Gilleskie, Meaghan L. Nazareth, Karina Javalkar, Sandra Kim, Maureen Kelly, Stephen Lichtman, and Maria Ferris

Mo1637 Age but Not Sex Affects the Sensitivity of the Rome IV Diagnostic Criteria for IBS, William E. Whitehead, Olafur S. Palsson, Miranda A. van Tilburg, and Magnus Simren

Synthetic cannabinoids: clinical implications using a mouse model of disease, B. Whithorn, A. Mistry, A. Jonas, B. Brenseke, C. Stalder, R. Patel, and C. S. Breivogel


Role of isavuconazole in the treatment of invasive fungal infections, D. Wilson, V. Dimondi, S. Johnson, T. Jones, and Richard H. Drew

The role of new and emerging insulin therapies, B. Zagar

Submissions from 2015

Pharmacogenetics and Drug Metabolism, S. T. Abraham and M. L. Adams

Excellence in All Things. Key Note Address, M. L. Adams

Phi Lambda Sigma-Pharmacy Leadership Series Address, M. L. Adams

Transformative change is not just coming—It is here (Panel Discussion), M. L. Adams


Is Kava Safe to Be Used by the Public?, Antoine Al-Achi

Mathematical Fundamentals in Pharmacokinetics, Antoine Al-Achi


Validating Compounded Suppositories for Three Analgesic Product, Antoine Al-Achi


Physical Characteristics of Sixteen Non-Prescription Medications: Specific Gravity, pH, Surface Tension, and Rheological Characteristics, Antoine Al-Achi, A. Kathuria, and M. Zahid Khan


Does Epigallocatechin-3-gallate-Insulin Complex Protect Human Insulin from Proteolytic Enzyme Action?, Antoine Al-Achi and Deepthi Kota


Formulation and optimization of Potassium Iodide Tablets, Antoine Al-Achi and Binit Patel


Preparation of Flaxseed Oil Emulsions, Antoine Al-Achi and Pranshu Shrivastava

Breathing Better: A Review of Pharmacotherapy and the Pharmacist’s Role in the Management of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), A. N. Ali


Assessment of factors that influence pharmacy residency applicant selection of a specific postgraduate year one (PGY1) program, A. N. Ali, D. S. Kania, D. C. Ramsey, and C. A. White

Clinical Pharmacy Updates, A. N. Ali and L. Rajic


Azole antifungals: 35 years of invasive fungal infection management, David Allen, Dustin Wilson, Richard H. Drew, and John Perfect

Wiki technology facilitates collaboration and discussion to provide a one-stop informational source for pharmacy preceptors, residents, and students in an academic hospital, E. Amandon and A. A. Cooper

Impact of Combined Antimicrobial Stewardship Interventions to Improve Treatment of Patients with Staphylococcus aureus Bloodstream Infection (SAB) at a Tertiary Care Center, D. J. Anderson, C. K. Cunningham, Richard H. Drew, M. J. Durkin, L. P. Knelson, R. W. Moehring, C. Sarubbi, S. Watson, and M. Wolcott

Variability in Antimicrobial Use among Community Hospitals in the Duke Antimicrobial Stewardship Outreach Network, D. J. Anderson, A. Davis, E. Dodds Ashley, Richard H. Drew, B. Garner, M. D. Johnson, Y. Lokhnygina, and R. W. Moehring

Characterization of Redundant Spectrum Antibiotic Use in Community Hospitals: A Stewardship Opportunity, D. J. Anderson, A. Davis, E. Dodds Ashley, Richard H. Drew, M. D. Johnson, Y. Lokhnygina, R. W. Moehring, and D. J. Sexton

Utilization of Systemic Antifungal Therapy Among Community Hospitals in the Duke Antimicrobial Stewardship Network, D. J. Anderson, A. Davis, E. Dodds Ashley, Richard H. Drew, M. D. Johnson, Y. Lokhnygina, R. W. Moehring, and D. J. Sexton

Implementation and evaluation of a resident-run residency preparatory program for fourth year pharmacy students at an academic medical center, J. Arnall, J. Braschler, R. Bookstaver, M. Cavalier, A. Wester, A. White, and S. M. Davis

Debate: Is Tenure Outdated?, C. S. Asbill

In-Service at Self Memorial Hospital, C. S. Asbill

Keynote address, C. S. Asbill

Keynote address, C. S. Asbill

Keynote address, C. S. Asbill

Research Seminar on Topical Pain formulations, C. S. Asbill

Maximizing your rotation experience, R. D. Bowers

Pharmacokinetics in the geriatric population, R. D. Bowers

Pharmacokinetics of vancomycin in extremely obese patients, R. D. Bowers

Praxbind: what pharmacists should know, R. D. Bowers

Preparing early: how to be a competitive residency candidate, R. D. Bowers

The role of systemic glucocorticoid therapy in COPD, R. D. Bowers

Systemic glucocorticoid usage in acute COPD exacerbations in hospitalized patients: a retrospective cohort, R. D. Bowers, K. Kelly, and D. Peters

Pharmacy law update, J. A. Boyd


The effects of beta-arrestin1 deletion on acute cannabinoid activity, brain cannabinoid receptors and tolerance to cannabinoids in mice, C. S. Breivogel and M. S. Vaghela

Symbiosis: The mutual benefit of students in your practice, K. P. Brown

The Beers Criteria: An overview, K. P. Brown

Central Pain Processing in Children with Functional Abdominal Pain and their Mothers, Christina Campbell, E. Cho, Melissa DuPen, R. Gracely, Shelby Langer, Rona L. Levy, Tasha Murphy, T. Palermo, Joan Romano, and Miranda A. van Tilburg

Planned and moderated healthcare Ethics SIG group program: Incorporating ethics discussions into non-ethics courses, R. M. Cisneros

Parent-Child Kidney Disease Knowledge Concordance, S. E. Cohen, J. Cuttance, Maria Ferris, Stephen Hooper, Karina Javalkar, Meaghan L. Nazareth, M. D.S. Ndugga, A. Phillips, Eniko Rak, J. Richards, J. A. Wright Nunes, and Miranda A. van Tilburg

Evaluation of rifaximin utilization in hospitalized patients, A. A. Cooper, C. Lewis, and M. Mallory

Assessing fourth year pharmacy student activity documentation on an acute care rotation, A. A. Cooper, G. Roach, and P. Brown

Assessing Fourth Year Pharmacy Student Activity Documentation on an Acute Care Rotation, A. Cooper, G. Roach, and K. P. Brown

You gave me what grade, S. M. Davis

Preparation of Lozenges Containing Over the Counter Biotene Solution, Trusha Dhanani and Antoine Al-Achi

Detection and Prevention of Drug Diversion in Operating Room Pharmacies, J. M. Dias and D. H. Eagerton


Risk factors associated with unfavorable short-term treatment outcome in patients with documented Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, V. Paul DiMondi, Mary L. Townsend, and Richard H. Drew

Effect of Patient-Specific Characteristics on Basal Insulin Analogue Conversion, Danielle Donaldson, Beth Greck, Benjamin Michalove, and Antoine Al-Achi

Empowering Site-Based Clinical Research by Junior Faculty through a Joint University and Multiprofessional Support and Research Team (Project JUMP START), Richard H. Drew and D. B. May

Impact of rapid molecular blood culture testing on time to appropriate antibiotic therapy in patients with Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia, Richard H. Drew, R. W. Moehring, C. Sarubbi, and M. Wolcott

Drug Screening in Abuse and Neglect Cases, D. H. Eagerton

Generation Rx - Prescription Drug Abuse, D. H. Eagerton

Novel Techniques for the Detection of Drug Diversion in Hospital Surgical Settings, D. H. Eagerton

Prescription Drug Abuse for Athletes and College Students, D. H. Eagerton

Child Maltreatment, Depression and Suicide in Adolescents with Chronic Pain, D. English, D. Goldston, Jancy H. Killian, J. Kotch, D. K. Runyan, R. Thompson, and Miranda A. van Tilburg

How gender differences affect the mediation of WIN55212-2 effects by beta-arrestin2, T. E. Erwin and C. S. Breivogel


Evaluation of changes in citalopram prescribing patterns following a US Food and Drug Administration alert: a retrospective cohort, K. R. Fabo, A. M. Nye, J. P. Gagliardi, C. R. Dennis, and A. J. Muzyk

Preliminary assessment of the effect of antimalarial herbal extracts on the metabolism of artesunate to active dihydroartemisinin, P. S. Fasinu, B. Avula, A. Falodun, I. A. Khan, N. O. Egiebor, and L. A. Walker

Differential kinetic profiles and metabolism of primaquine enantiomers by human hepatocytes, P. S. Fasinu, B. Avula, B. L. Tekwani, D. Nanayakkara, Y. H. Wang, B. Herath, N. Chaurasiya, I. Khan, M. ElSohly, S. Khan, and L. A. Walker


Naegleria fowleri: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, and Treatment Options, Eddie Grace, Scott Asbill, and Kris Virga

Synthetic studies toward metabolically stable puromycin analogs, G. Gumina, A. R. Messersmith, D. H. Eagerton, and B. D. Feske


Impact of a US Food and Drug Administration Drug Safety Communication on Zolpidem Dosing: An Observational Retrospective Cohort, J. L. Harward, V. B. Clinard, M. R. Jiroutek, B. H. Lingerfeldt, and A. J. Muzyk


Physico-Mechanical Properties of Coprocessed Excipient MicroceLac® 100 by DM3 Approach, Rahul V. Haware, Joseph P. Kancharla, Aishwarya K. Udupa, Scott Staton, Mali R. Gupta, Antoine Al-Achi, and William C. Stagner

AADACL1 Regulation of PKC-dependent Secretion in Human Platelets, Stephen P. Holly, Putianqi Wang, Rinku Majumder, Davia S. Blake, and Leslie V. Parise

AADACL1 Regulation of PKC-dependent Secretion in Human Platelets, Stephen P. Holly, Putianqi Wang, Rinku Majumder, Davia S. Blake, and L. V. Parise

Analgesic Efficacy and Transdermal Penetration of Topical Gabapentin Cream: Finding and Optimal Dose and Pre-treatment Time, A. Huestess, S. Spigener, S. Sweitzer, A. Romero-Sandoval, and C. S. Asbill

Adherance to expert panel report-3 asthma guidelines, M. R. Jir

Adherance to expert panel report-3 asthma guidelines, M. R. Jiroutek

Adherence to Expert Panel Report-3: guidelines for the diagnosis and management of asthma, M. R. Jiroutek

Development of a diverse learning experience: using a multidisciplinary group of presenters and innovative education tools to create a biological psychiatry curriculum, M. R. Jiroutek

Examination of the sociodemographic and clinical barriers to adequate pertussis vaccination in adolescents, M. R. Jiroutek

Herpes zoster vaccination among adults in the United States, 2008-2013, M. R. Jiroutek

Herpes zoster vaccination in military-affliliated adults, M. R. Jiroutek

Impact of demographic and socioeconomic variables on the recommended vaccination in teenage males for human papillomavirus in the United States, M. R. Jiroutek

Impact of the JUPITER trial on US statin prescribing after 2008 for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in adults 18 years or greater, M. R. Jiroutek

Precision and bias: careers in statistics, M. R. Jiroutek

The impact of JUPITER on U.S. statin prescribing, M. R. Jiroutek

The prevalence of HIV testing in Pregnant Women, M. R. Jiroutek