Submissions from 2013

Anti-depressant activity of cannabinoid drugs and the role of β-arrestin2 in binding to cannabinoid CB1 receptor and activation of MAPK cascade, M. Danala and C. S. Breivogel

Anti-depressant activity of cannabinoid drugs on CB1 receptors is mediated by β-arrestin2 binding and activation of MAPK cascade, M. Danala and C. S. Breivogel

End of Chapter Exam Questions for Chapters on Upper GI Disorders, Lower GI Disorders, Parasitic Diseases, and Ischemic Heart Disease, S. M. Davis

Utilization of the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System by North Carolina Immunization-Certified Pharmacists, R. DeBenedetto, V. Clinard, C. L. Barnes, and D. Catalano

Review of the 2013 SCCM guidelines for the management of pain, agitation and delirium, C. R. Dennis

Vidant electronic health record: past, present and future, C. R. Dennis


Aerosolized Antifungals for the Prevention and Treatment of Invasive Fungal Infections, V. Paul DiMondi and Richard H. Drew

Risk factors for unfavorable short-term treatment outcome in patients with invasive Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection, V. P. Dimondi, Richard H. Drew, and M. L. Townsend


Genetic association and meta-analysis implicate the ADRB2 adrenergic receptor gene in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), L. Ditachenko, M. Kanazawa, W. Maixner, O. S. Palsson, S. Smith, W. E. Whitehead, and Miranda A. L. van Tilburg

Prevention and treatment of infections in neutropenic cancer patients, Richard H. Drew

Vancomycin nephrotoxicity with and without concomitant piperacillin-tazobactam, Richard H. Drew and L. D. Madures


Recent advances in the treatment of life-threatening, invasive fungal infections, Richard H. Drew, Mary L. Townsend, Melanie W. Pound, Steven W. Johnson, and John R. Perfect

ABCs of Drug Testing in Child Welfare Cases, D. H. Eagerton

Alcohol, D. H. Eagerton

Alcohol and Other Drugs of Abuse – A Health Professional Student Perspective, D. H. Eagerton

Alcohol and Social Events, D. H. Eagerton

Drugs of Abuse, D. H. Eagerton

Drug Testing, D. H. Eagerton

Prescription for Disaster, D. H. Eagerton

Development and Implementation of a Medication Take-Back Event Led by a School of Pharmacy, D. Eagerton, K. Shealy, and G. Reeder

Toxic effects of traditional therapies, P. S. Fasinu

An overview of the Evidence and mechanisms of herb– drug interactions, P. S. Fasinu, P. J. Bouic, and B. Rosenkranz

Flavonoids and polymer derivatives as CYP3A4 inhibitors for improved oral drug bioavailability: An in vitro and in silico comparative analysis, P. S. Fasinu, Y. E. Choonara, L. C. du Toit, P. Kumar, V. M. Ndesendo, R. A. Khan, and V. Pillay

The potential of Hypoxis hemerocallidea for herb-drug interaction, P. S. Fasinu, H. Gutmann, H. Schiller, P. Bouic, and B. Rosenkranz

The potential of Sutherlandia frutescens for herb-drug interaction, P. S. Fasinu, H. Gutmann, H. Schiller, A. D. James, P. Bouic, and B. Rosenkranz

Heavy metal pollution in sub-Saharan Africa and possible implication in cancer epidemic, P. S. Fasinu and O. Orisakwe

Drug-drug interactions in ageing HIV-infected individuals, P. S. Fasinu and B. Rosenkranz

NC Board of Pharmacy Disciplinary Action Review 2003-Present, J. Frahm and R. M. Cisneros

Association between antibiotic use and length of stay for subjects hospitalized with acute exacerbations of asthma, bronchitis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), D. Hartley, J. Boreyko, and A. A. Cooper


Chemoproteomic Discovery of AADACL1 as a Novel Regulator of Human Platelet Activation, Stephen P. Holly, J. W. Chang, W. Li, S. Niessen, R. M. Phillips, R. Piatt, J. L. Black, M. C. Smith, Y. Boulaftali, A. S. Weyrich, W. Bergmeier, B. F. Cravatt, and L. V. Parise

A study of the association between obesity/overweight status and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in a pediatric population, M. R. Jiroutek

Health education disparities in diabetes, M. R. Jiroutek

Health education disparities in diabetes, 3rd place student award, M. R. Jiroutek

Herpes zoster vaccination in adults age 50 years and older in 2008-2011, M. R. Jiroutek

HPV vaccination trends and barriers in the 2007-2010 National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG), M. R. Jiroutek

Statin prescribing in diabetic patient in NHAMCS and NAMCS databases during the years 2005-2010, M. R. Jiroutek

Study of the association between serum vitamin D levels and prostate cancer, M. R. Jiroutek


How long to treat with antibiotics following amputation in patients with diabetic foot infections? Are the 2012 IDSA DFI guidelines reasonable?, S. W. Johnson, Richard H. Drew, and D. B. May


CIB1 Prevents Nuclear GAPDH Accumulation and Non-apoptotic Tumor Cell Death via AKT and ERK signaling, T. M. Leisner, C. Moran, Stephen P. Holly, and L. V. Parise

Changes in parental sollicitousness mediate effects of cognitive behavioral treatment on pain and disability in children with unexplained abdominal pain, Rona L. Levy, Shelby Langer, Joan Romano, Lynn S. Walker, Jennifer Labus, Miranda A. van Tilburg, and William E. Whitehead

Enhancing the precepting experience, C. Lewis and P. Rodgers

Pain management with methadone: a comparison of use in patients with and without a history of substance abuse, C. Lewis and S. Semmes

Prescribing antiplatelet and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin receptor blocker medications for patients with diabetes at hospital discharge, D. Lindquist, P. Cooper, A. A. Cooper, and M. Mabrey

The Role of Psychological Factors in the Clinical Manifestation of Eating Associated Symptoms, O. S. Palsson, C. Ramsden, Y. Ringel, T. Ringel-Kulka, K. Thurlow, and Miranda A. L. van Tilburg

Seasonal variation in Functional Abdominal Pain is associated with changes in anxiety, sleep, parental response to pain, eating and exercise, O. S. Palsson, J. Shen, and Miranda A. L. van Tilburg

Development, implementation and assessment of a continuing education program for instruction on drug information resources, Scott L. Perkins

EndNote Instructional Seminar, Scott L. Perkins

On par with smoking cessation, Scott L. Perkins

Why do patients with antiphospholipid antibodies have varying INRs while on warfarin?, Scott L. Perkins

Tu2098 Food-Specific IgG4 Antibody Titers in Subjects With Food Hypersensitivity, Tamar Ringel-Kulka, Miranda A. van Tilburg, Olafur S. Palsson, Katharine Thurlow, C. Ramsden, and Yehuda Ringel

Over-the-Counter Otic, Dental, and Ophthalmic Agents, J. D. Smith and Connie L. Barnes

Drug Information Resources, P. F. Souney, Connie L. Barnes, and V. B. Clinard

Approaches to Promote Faculty Scholarship at a New School of Pharmacy, S. Sweitzer, C. S. Asbill, and L. C. Fuhrman

A multistate study of substance abuse violations reported to boards of pharmacy in 2012, C. Thao, M. Maya-Perez, and R. M. Cisneros

Comparison of Trazodone and Zolpidem-related falls in elderly, hospitalized patients: a retrospective cohort analysis, L. True, A. M. Nye, M. Pound, and C. R. Dennis

A Call to Action: Integrating Public Health into Physician Assistant Education to Improve Rural Health, T. Tseng, D. Tillman, W. Rich, D. Coniglio, T. Coletti, B. L. Johnson, and M. L. Adams

Integration of biomedical and psychosocial issues in pediatric functional gastrointestinal and motility disorders, Miranda A. van Tilburg

Mitochondrial DNA sequences beyond IBS: Can we find similar role in other types of pain?, Miranda A. van Tilburg

Picky eating and meal skipping: A sign of abdominal pain in toddlers and adolescents?, Miranda A. van Tilburg

Population prevalence of functional GI symptoms in children: Implications for the diagnosis of FGIDs, Miranda A. van Tilburg

The role of psychological factors in childhood abdominal pain: Findings from IBD and IBS and introduction of a randomized controlled trial, Miranda A. van Tilburg

Diet and Functional Abdominal Pain in Children and Adolescents, Miranda A. van Tilburg and Christopher T. Felix

Which Psychological Factors Exacerbate Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Test of a Comprehensive Model, Miranda A. van Tilburg, Olafur S. Palsson, and William E. Whitehead

Test of the child/adolescent Rome III criteria: Agreement with physician diagnosis and daily symptoms, Miranda A. van Tilburg, Megan M. Squires, N. Blois-Martin, A. Leiby, and A. Langseder

Autism and gestational exposures to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and acetaminophen, R. West, T. Tseng, M. L. Adams, W. Rich, E. Hill, D. Tillman, and I. Hertz-Picciotto


Protein Phosphatase 2A Catalytic Subunit (PP2Ac) Plays a MyD88-Dependent, Central Role in the Gene-Specific Regulation of Endotoxin Tolerance, L. Xie, C. Liu, L. Wang, H. P. Gunawardena, Y Yu, R. Du, D. J. Taxman, P. Dai, Z. Yan, J. Yu, Stephen P. Holly, L. V. Parise, Y Wan, J. P. Ting, and X. Chen

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children with Functional Abdominal Pain, Nader N. Youssef and Miranda A. van Tilburg

Evaluating rasburicase use for tumor lysis syndrome in adult oncology patients, B. Zagar, B. Waldron, and L. Johnson

Submissions from 2012

Amino Acids, Antoine Al-Achi


Are Homeopathic Remedies Effective?, Antoine Al-Achi


Botanical Medicine: The Need for Better Quality Research, Antoine Al-Achi

Medical Marijuana, Antoine Al-Achi


Specific Gravity Determination of Ten Over-The-Counter Products, Antoine Al-Achi

Commercially Available Saw Palmetto Products: Quality Control Testing, Antoine Al-Achi, Andrea F. Locklear, and Lewis Fetterman


Oral Administration of an Insulin-Soybean Suspension in Streptozocin Rats: Effect of Aqueous Soybean Extract Vehicle, Antoine Al-Achi, Brijesh Patel, and Segal Patel

Clinical Effects of Panax Ginseng: A Meta-Analysis Approach, Antoine Al-Achi, Ijeoma Uwakwe, Brenda Jamerson, and Robert J. Schmid

Incidence of invasive fungal infections following the use of prophylactic aerosolized amphotericin B lipid complex in lung transplant recipients, B. Alexander, Richard H. Drew, John R. Perfect, and R. Waterson

Apixaban: Drug Monograph, A. N. Ali

Assessment of a Pharmacist Managed Diabetes Clinic with Emphasis in Uncontrolled Hypertension, A. N. Ali

Disease State Management Services: Pharmacist Managed Diabetes Clinic in a Family Medicine Center, A. N. Ali

Hypertension Therapy, A. N. Ali

Migraine Prophylaxis: A 2012 Guideline Update, A. N. Ali

Questions to Ask Your Pharmacist, A. N. Ali

Simvastatin Utilization Review: Medication Utilization Evaluation, A. N. Ali

Statin Induced Myopathy: Preservation of Statin Utilization, A. N. Ali

Assessment of factors that influence pharmacy residency applicant selection of a specific postgraduate year one (PGY1) program, A. N. Ali, D. S. Kania, D. Ramsey, and C. White


Ability of an Antibiogram to Predict Pseudomonas aeruginosa Susceptibility to Targeted Antimicrobials Based on Hospital Day of Isolation, Deverick J. Anderson, Becky Miller, Ruchit Marfatia, and Richard H. Drew

Predictors of unfavorable treatment outcomes in hospitalized patients with methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) complicated skin and skin structure infections, D. J. Anderson, E. Cain, and Richard H. Drew

Predictors of unfavorable treatment outcomes in hospitalized patients with MRSA complicated skin & skin structure infections, D. J. Anderson, E. Cain, and Richard H. Drew

Utility of a clinical risk-factor scoring system in predicting select multidrug-resistant organisms, D. J. Anderson, Richard H. Drew, S. W. Johnson, and D. B. May

Biotechnology Lab Practicum: Preparing Pharmacy Students for the Next Generation of Pharmacy from Pharmacogenomics to Biological Therapeutics, C. S. Asbill

Study of Influence of Permeation Enhancer (d-Limonene) and the Influence of Pretreatment Time on the Transdermal Delivery of Insulin from a Hydrophilic Ointment, Venkateswarlu Bandi and Antoine Al-Achi

Diet and eating associated symptoms in adolescents with IBS, N. Blois-Martin, C. Bulik, D. K. Chitakara, M. Squires, N. Zucker, and Miranda A. L. van Tilburg

BioTech Rx—STEM Outreach from Campbell University’s College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, E. Bloom and M. L. Adams

Chapter 25, Federal pharmacy law, J. A. Boyd

Pharmacy law update, J. A. Boyd

Pharmacy law update, J. A. Boyd

Pharmacy owners’ workshop and meeting, J. A. Boyd


Passion Flower Extract Antagonizes the Expression of Nicotine Locomotor Sensitization in Rats, C. S. Breivogel and B. Jamerson

Beta-arrestin1 mediation of the effects of cannabinoid ligands, C. S. Breivogel and M. Vaghela