Submissions from 2006

The Few, the Critical: Teaching ‘Popular Culture and the Sacred’, Jaclyn Stanke and Elizabeth L. Rambo

Submissions from 2005

Review of Dark Times, Dire Decisions: Jews and Communism edited by Jonathan Frankel, James Martin

Review of Jews and the State: Dangerous Alliances and the Perils of Privilege edited by Ezra Mendelsohn, James Martin

The Puritan/Liberal Hybrid Tradition in America, John C. Mero

Brunei Darussalam, Amanda M. Sharp Parker

Qatar, Amanda M. Sharp Parker

Submissions from 2004

Review of And I Will Dwell in Their Midst: Orthodox Jews in Suburbia by Etan Diamond, James Martin

Does the Truth Matter Anymore?, John C. Mero

Submissions from 2003

Dr. Sidney Unger: Dynamic Rabbi of Asheville, North Carolina, James Martin

Review of Homelands: Southern Jewish Identity in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Leonard Rogoff, James Martin

Review of Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East by Michael Oren, James Martin

Southern Oral History, Jaclyn Stanke

Submissions from 2002

Not So Silent Cal: Coolidge and Going Public, John C. Mero


Cold War Civil Rights: Race and the Image of American Democracy by Mary L. Dudziak, Jaclyn Stanke

Correction, Complication, or Just Plain ‘Cuckoo’?: Winston Churchill and Anglo-American Policy Differences after Stalin’s Death, Jaclyn Stanke

Eisenhower’s Worldview: The Key to Understanding the Policies of 'Rollback' and 'Liberation', Jaclyn Stanke


To Lead the Free World: American Nationalism and the Cultural Roots of the Cold War by John Fousek, Jaclyn Stanke

Submissions from 2001


Expectations of Postsecondary History Instructors in California and North Carolina, James Martin

Preparing for Praxis, James Martin

Small Town Jewish Communities in Piedmont and Western North Carolina, James Martin

Wise Use: An Interest Group Paradox, John C. Mero

Eighteenth Century, Jaclyn Stanke

Submissions from 2000

Review of In Some Foreign Field: Four British Graves and Submarine Warfare on the North Carolina Outer Banks by L. VanLoan Naiswald, James Martin

Review of Memories of World War I: North Carolina Doughboys on the Western Front by R. Jackson Marshall, III, James Martin

American Plans to Exploit Stalin’s Death and End the Cold War, 1953, Jaclyn Stanke

Brendan Sullivan, Jaclyn Stanke

Caspar Weinberger, Jaclyn Stanke

Choices to be Made: American Policy and Stalin’s Death, Jaclyn Stanke

Richard Secord, Jaclyn Stanke

Robert McFarlane, Jaclyn Stanke

Submissions from 1999

Preparing for Praxis, James Martin

Preparing High School Students for College Level Social Science Courses: A Comparative Study of Institutions of Higher Education in California and North Carolina, James Martin

Three Eras of Political Change in Eastern Europe by Gale Stokes, Jaclyn Stanke


War of the Black Heavens: The Battles of Western Broadcasting in the Cold War by Michael Nelson, Jaclyn Stanke

Submissions from 1998

Preparing for Praxis, James Martin

American Plans to Exploit Stalin’s Death and End the Cold War, 1953, Jaclyn Stanke

Eastern European Nationalism in the Twentieth Century, edited by Peter Sugar, Jaclyn Stanke

Nations Without States: A Historical Dictionary of Contemporary National Movements by James Minahan, Jaclyn Stanke

The Life Cycle of the Professional Slavicist—Concerns and Strategies, Jaclyn Stanke


The Soviet Union and the Vietnam War by Ilya V. Gaiduk, Jaclyn Stanke

The Stalin Succession and American Perceptions of a Power Struggle, Jaclyn Stanke

Submissions from 1997

Preparing for Praxis: Realistic Strategies, James Martin


Review of The Germans by Norbert Elias, James Martin

Parting the Curtain: Propaganda, Culture, and the Cold War, 1945-1961 by Walter L. Hixson, Jaclyn Stanke

The Initial Western Reaction to Stalin’s Death and the Impact upon Allied Cold War Policy Toward the Soviet Union, Jaclyn Stanke

Submissions from 1996

Preparing High School Students for College Level Social Science Courses, James Martin

Preparing Secondary Students for College Social Science Courses, James Martin

The Jewish Element in Eastern North Carolina, James Martin

Patriotic Culture in Russia during World War I by Hubertus Jahn, Jaclyn Stanke

Submissions from 1995

Germans in Nineteenth Century Brazil, James Martin

How Do We Meet Social Studies Standards?: A Realistic Approach, James Martin


Review of Ambassador Frederick Sackett and the Collapse of the Weimar Republic, 1930-1933: The United States and Hitler’s Rise to Power by Bernard Burke, James Martin

Chagas’ Disease in Bolivia and the Role of Race and Ethnicity, John C. Mero

Submissions from 1994

Raising Expectations in the Social Studies, James Martin

Teaching About North Carolina’s Varied Ethnic Heritage, James Martin

Teaching Social Studies Students Writing Skills, James Martin

Teaching the South’s Ethnic Heritage: An Inclusive Approach, James Martin

The German Element in Eastern North Carolina, 1710-1800, James Martin

Capitalization: Bolivia’s Plan de Todos and Its Five Pillars, John C. Mero

Submissions from 1993

North Carolina and the World: Fostering a Global Perspective, James Martin

North Carolina’s Varied Ethnic Heritage: How Do We Teach It?, James Martin

Review of Germany: The Tides of Power by Michael Balfour, James Martin

Playing the Two-Level Game and Losing?: 1953-1960, Patrick Morgan and Jaclyn Stanke

Submissions from 1991

Let’s Hear from the Teacher-Coach!, James Martin