Submissions from 2018

Intern 101: An Interdisciplinary Skills Course, Nancy Duffy

South Carolina Nurse Educator Coalition: A Transformational Model, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 2016

Catherine Wood School of Nursing, Nancy Duffy

Challenges for Higher Level Simulations, Nancy Duffy

Women in Leadership Panel Program, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 2015

Creating Complex Pediatric Scenarios for Undergraduate Nursing Students, T. Atz, Nancy Duffy, M. Cason, and A. Hollerbach

Developing Higher Level Simulations for Nursing Education and Beyond, T. Atz, Nancy Duffy, M. Cason, and A. Hollerbach

Ask the Experts IPE SIM-LEAN, Nancy Duffy

Challenges for Higher Level Simulations, Nancy Duffy

Interprofessional Education: Linkages-Are We There Yet?, Nancy Duffy

Panel for Health Professions Advisors of NC, Nancy Duffy


Expanding Simulation Capacity: Senior-Level Students as Teachers, B. Dumas, G. Stuart, A. Hollerbach, and Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 2014

Address to Physician Assistant Program Students, Nancy Duffy

Getting Your Article Published, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 2013

Transformative Change from the Classroom to Practice, J. Anderson, S. Smith, Nancy Duffy, and C. Wisniewski

Research and Education, Nancy Duffy

Hit the Jackpot with Evidence Based Simulation, Nancy Duffy, T. Atz, and M. Cason


Leading at the Bedside and Beyond, Nancy Duffy and Shannon Bright Smith

Submissions from 2012

The Alignment of Educational Strategies for the IOM, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 2011


Developing a Community Health Clinical Practicum Service-Learning Model: An Academic and VA Medical Center Partnership, Cindy E. Hudson, Stacy Gaillard, and Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 2010


Evaluation of a Trustees Leadership Academy at the Medical University of South Carolina, E. Pilcher, K. Ragucci, J. Arial, M. Cayouette, M. Maudlin, L. Shull, Nancy Duffy, J. Sullivan, and J. Nazzaro

Submissions from 2009

Recruitment Presentation, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 2008

A Perfect Storm or Perfect Opportunity, Nancy Duffy

Charge Nurse and Nursing Faculty: When Supervising Nursing Students, Nancy Duffy

Clashes Between Teaching/Learning Through the Use of Technology, Nancy Duffy

Preparing for a Disaster, Nancy Duffy

Safety in Student Supervision, Nancy Duffy

The Team Approach to Healthcare: A Faculty Panel Discussion, Nancy Duffy


Assuring the Success of Part-time Faculty, Nancy Duffy, Gail Stuart, and Sheila Smith

Learning From, With and About: Inter-professional Teams, D. Harrison and N. Duffy

Submissions from 2007

Simulation Odyssey: The Next Frontier, Nancy Duffy


Supporting a Patient after a Near-Death Experience, Nancy Duffy and Melodie Olson

Submissions from 2006

Adult Health NCLEX Review, Nancy Duffy

Teaching at Bedside: Principles of Adult Learners, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 2004

Academic Success Plan: A Pilot Approach, Nancy Duffy

Academic Success Program for the At Risk Student, Nancy Duffy

Family Presence in the ED, Nancy Duffy

Family Presence in the ED, Nancy Duffy

Help! I’ve Fallen and Can’t Get Up – Patient Advocacy, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 2000

Nursing Assessment for the Frail, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 1998

Nursing Diagnosis in the ED, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 1997

Math-Yes You Can! – Clinical Problem Solving, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 1995


Planning Nursing Education for the 21st Century, Nancy Duffy, Carolyn D. Foster, RuthAnn Kuiper, Joyce T. Long, and Lynn D. Robinson

Submissions from 1993

A 33-year-old Woman with a Propranolol and Chlorpromazine Overdose, with Applied Nursing Diagnoses, Nancy Duffy

Submissions from 1990

Nursing Assessment for the ED, Nancy Duffy