Bovine pericardium versus homologous sclera as wrapping materials for hydroxyapatite ocular implants: An animal study.

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Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

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We compared bovine pericardium and homologous sclera as wrapping materials for hydroxyapatite (HA) ocular implants in enucleated New Zealand white rabbits.Eighteen rabbits were unilaterally enucleated and the sockets implanted with 10-mm HA spherical implants. Six implants were wrapped with homologous sclera, 6 with bovine pericardium, and 6 were not wrapped. The rabbits were killed 7 weeks later and the sockets were examined clinically for inflammation and implant exposure. Exenterated specimens were assessed histopathologically for inflammation and vascularization.No clinical evidence of implant exposure or extrusion was detected in rabbits receiving sclera or bovine pericardium wrapped implants. Histopathologically, the bovine pericardium displayed more inflammation in its outer portion, as well as more disruption of its lamellar arrangement than did the sclera. Fibrovascular in-growth was complete in all wrapped implants.Bovine pericardium behaves similar clinically to homologous sclera as a wrapping material for spherical HA ocular implants in a rabbit model, and may represent a reasonable alternative to sclera in such procedures in humans.